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Join us every second Friday of the month in English and every last Friday in Serbian!

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We are starting on March 29th.

Listen up, darling! Let me drop some truth bombs on you: Everything – and I mean everything – is about mindset. Your business, your relationships, your fabulous life, even your precious time! If you’re ready to build your empire on your own terms, it’s time for that mindset shift, honey.

Picture this: A casual coffee coaching call with yours truly, where in just one hour, we’ll flip those challenges into triumphs faster than you can say “extra foam, please!” ☕️

Alright, gorgeous gals, mark your calendars and get ready to sparkle! 📅 It’s time to brew some mindset magic together. Don’t miss out on your chance to sip, chat, and conquer the world! Register below to snag your spot, and get ready to zoom into a world of unstoppable success! 🚀 Let’s make those Fridays the highlight of your month, because with me by your side, saying no is simply not an option!

Can you really say no to a caffeine-fueled mindset makeover? I didn’t think so! ☕️

Save your spot and I’ll see you at Zoom coffee!

How this concept of live coffee with Mili was designed:

  • Once a month, women gather in one place.
  • The meeting place is Zoom, and in the future, there will be mini events that are closed only for our members.
  • This is an interactive coffee, where we talk about all topics that have an impact on personal development and business.
  • You can ask as many questions as you want about anything you think is currently hindering your further development.
  • The goal of this coffee is to solve much deeper problems, not those superficial ones that everyone “talks about” on social networks.
  • The goal of this coffee is to connect you with other successful women and hear their stories.
  • The goal of this coffee is to achieve hyper-growth in your personal and business life.
  • The goal of this coffee is to get a solution live and immediately for everything that is currently hindering you (business challenges, problems, habits, beliefs, ideas, communication, relationships), and it’s yours to just ask the question.

Many successful stories from all parts of the world

Impressions of people who have made huge strides in all areas of life after a few conversations with Mili.

A lot of happy women!